Do you want to be part of ROCCAT's creative story? Do you want to collaborate on game-changing products? Do you want to join a team of talented and creative influencers? Then you've landed on the right page!


Do you want to be part of ROCCAT's creative story? Do you want to collaborate on game-changing products? Do you want to join a team of talented and creative influencers? Then you've landed on the right page!


SypherPK, aka Ali Hassan, is a professional gamer, streamer, YouTuber and online personality based in Austin, Texas. Recognized for his cross-market and wide-reaching audience appeal, he is one of the most popular faces in the gaming industry. Sypher is most notably known for his educational gameplay on Fortnite, focused on teaching tips and tricks. He is revered for his insightful take on game-winning strategies. The SypherPK YouTube Channel was launched in 2011, and features pro-level Fortnite gameplay videos. Additionally, SypherPK launched Oni Studios, a visionary resource designed to empower creators in the gaming space, transforming their brands into empires.



Martin has used ROCCAT peripherals ever since he started gaming. With his recent win in Dreamhack Anaheim he is one of the most successful competitive Fortnite players. He is known for his intelligent plays (200 IQ) and his ability to stay calm even in a stormy situation.

dr disrespect


The one, the only, the back to back 93-94 Blockbuster Video Game Champion himself, Dr Disrespect. Check out the fastest growing online gaming community, built on the pillars of speed, momentum, and unstoppable gaming athleticism. He is simply the best. Bringing his skill to the next level upon upgrading his mouse and keyboard to ROCCAT.


Vik joined YouTube in 2010 with tutorials for COD. He later on added a Minecraft channel and is now one of the biggest YouTube Gamer in the world. He is member and Co-Founder of the Sidemen group. As one striving to perform on a top level is he currently using the Vulcan TKL Pro, Kone Pro and the Syn Pro.



In 2009 Ali started uploading short gaming clips to his YouTube channel and now has over 22 million people subscribed to his 2 channels and in excess of 5 billion video views. Ali is one of the UK’s most popular entities globally and is at the forefront of the online and YouTube revolution. He is the world’s number one Fortnite YouTuber but is also partial to a spot of Pokémon hunting!


Jessica is a gamer, activist, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and digital personality. In addition to managing the world-renowned Team Ninja brand, she has personally accumulated more than 1M+ followers on Instagram, 600,000+ followers on Twitter, and 454,000 followers on Twitch. As content creator, live streamer, and businesswoman, Jessica has worked with sought-after brands and has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Business Insider, among others.



MrBboy45 is a celebrated French YouTube gaming veteran but also regularly streams on Twitch playing a wide range of games. A long-term ROCCAT partner, his Vulcan 122 AIMO mechanical keyboard and Kain 202 wireless mouse are never far from his side.



StandartSkill is one of the most energetic Influencers on YouTube. He is the number one Fortnite Content Creator in Germany and combines skilful gameplay with interesting news. He uses a clean white set-up, that fits perfectly with his Vulcan 122 and his Kone Aimo Remastered.



Inoxtag is a major player on the French gaming scene. Famous for his Fortnite content he has over two million subscribers and is a true rising star. ROCCAT fan since his beginning, Inoxtag currently wields the Kain 200 AIMO wireless mouse and the Vulcan 121 AIMO high-performance mechanical keyboard.

tinkerleo + shlorox


The power couple from Switzerland. The battle between black and white setups, playing a variety of games, cooking streams – they also have a big focus on GTA Roleplay. Both are long time streamers and ROCCAT partners with an army of cats at their command.

clare siobhan


One of the world's most engaging SIMS 4 content creators Clare Siobhan leads a dedicated community of 'Peacharoonies'. Creating YouTube gaming videos since 2014 Clare has now over 1.7 million subscribers on her own channel and also shares a popular channel with her fiancé Ali-A.



The #1 Family Stream team - FabuRocks. FabuDad having a race competition against Fabu, where she’s taking all the shortcuts and ends up winning the race by saying ‘WHO’s #1 IN THIS HOUSE?” and FabuMom saying: GG in the chat everyone… Who’s NEXT?

A truly unique experience that everyone wants to be part of.



Skyrroz is one of the best-known faces in the French Call of Duty scene - his eccentricities and sense of humour have earned him the respect of millions of subscribers across multiple social platforms. Creator of thousands of YouTube videos and a proud Twitch partner - Skyrroz masters the art of the sniper in FPS games.



Adept has had a passion for gaming her whole life with a main interest in FPS games. She now shares and broadcasts that passion with her community as a full-time streamer on Twitch.



One of the biggest sports/variety game streamers in the world of livestreaming, GoldGlove turned his passion for IRL sports (the Seattle Seahawks & the Portland Trailblazers in particular) into a popular channel that makes space for games like NBA2K and MLB The Show alongside livestreaming mainstays like Warzone and PUBG. Outside of Twitch, GoldGlove runs the popular variety podcast ‘Brothers to the End’ with his former Gears of War teammate, VernNotice. Down-to-earth and welcoming - GoldGlove.


Coconut Brah is a full time YouTuber who has grown to become one of the largest Rainbow Six Siege YouTubers with over 1.6 million subscribers by discovering creative ways to play the game and win. He has been using Turtle Beach products since the start of his career on Xbox and has since moved to PC where his main focus is Rainbow Six Siege and other FPS games.